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Sudeshna Basu

Sudeshna Basu

Head, Program - Jharkhand

Sudeshna Basu oversees Aangan’s programmatic work in Pakur, Jharkhand. Sudeshna has more than 20 years’ experience in the social development sector. She holds a degree in Geography and Environment Management. She has worked with various sectors within the social development, from forest management to reproductive & child health, public health issues like HIV & AIDS and in the field of psychosocial disability. She joined Aangan in 2018 and has been leading the child safety program in Pakur, Jharkhand. 

She has worked closely with vulnerable and at-risk communities in different capacities throughout her career and draws inspiration from their lived experience. She has worked both within and outside the Government institutions which helps to understand the system better for any reform or change. She loves to listen, observe and spend time with herself.

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