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Srabonti Ghosh

Srabonti Ghosh

Head, Program - West Bengal

Srabonti Ghosh has been working as a professional in the social development sector for 20 years now. She started her journey in her home State, West Bengal, and has worked in multiple other states across India. Her career transitioned from that in academics to sustainable development. She started working with adolescent peer support groups as facilitator and trainer in a social communication organization, spent a decade of time working with vulnerable communities and high risk groups dealing with HIV in the organizations like CARE INDIA, HLFPPT, WBSAPCS. After joining in 2014 she led the programmatic implementation of Aangan’s child protection model in various states and is involved in planning, upskilling and relation building to strengthen systemic response prioritizing safety and wellbeing of the children. 

Having studied Education and Psychology till her postgraduate, and researched Tribal education, she crafted her passion for changing the lives of women and children. Srabonti has worked with vulnerable and marginalized communities throughout her career and has learned that leaders emerge from hard conditions to influence change. Srabonti deems challenges as an inspiration to live a meaningful life. 

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