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Dr. Smita Dharmamer

Dr. Smita Dharmamer

Associate Director

Dr Smita spearheads Ashramshala work at Aangan. Smita, a practicing homeopath who strongly believes the pills are not enough for healing and gave up her career in 2005. She completed her postgraduate diploma in counseling and joined Aangan Trust in 2006 as a counselor. Since then, Smita has donned many hats at Aangan. Her work has been instrumental in reinforcing her comprehension of the world as diverse and borderless. Her need to share this strong belief, which has given her so much joy and satisfaction as she works in the different states, different geographical, lingual, cultural environments in Aangan with most vulnerable children, who are just defeated at birth. It has been non-negotiable for her to give these children an opportunity to be courageous: to try, to fail, to find their niche and awaken their inner superhero. 

In 2016, Smita was felicitated with the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship (RKGF) Award which was a part of ICONGO’s “Right every Wrong”. The RKGF Award recognises Smita’s passionate commitment to safeguarding the vulnerable child’s right to safety, protection, and development. In 2017 she was part of The Global Change Leaders Program, Coady International Institute Nova Scotia, Canada. 

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