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Sheena Parikh

Joint Managing Director,
TechNova Group

Shelina Parikh is the Joint Managing Director of TechNova Group, a diversified group with business interests in chemicals, imaging & industrial products.

Its main company, TechNova Imaging Systems, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of imaging & print solutions. Globally recognised as a pioneer, TechNova’s products cater to a wide range of industries such as Commercial & Newspaper Printing, Packaging, Signage, Photo, Textile, Engineering and Medical Imaging.

Passionate about innovation and technology, Shelina has been instrumental in strengthening TechNova’s focus on strategic marketing, new business development, digitisation and consolidating its global leadership position.

In addition to her corporate responsibilities, she has also pursued her creative interests, having produced & directed a short film, and worked on three successful mainstream films as scriptwriter, assistant director & costume designer.

Shelina is deeply engaged with several philanthropic initiatives, including leadership of the TechNova Foundation which focuses on rural education, sanitation and environment conservation. She is an active member of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) and the Mumbai Angels Investment Network where she invests in and provides guidance to several start-up entrepreneurs.

Shelina completed her BA from Brown University and MBA from Harvard Business School.

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